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We appreciate you taking interest in our company. Customer service is what we base our business model on. We know that finding good help is a tough task and hopefully you reached our page after reading the reviews on Angie's List or Yelp. It's a more than likely scenario that you heard of us by word of mouth and we are happy to prove we will live up to your expectations! Nothing is more satisfying to us that receiving calls who said s/he heard about us from their neighbor or a friend saying we did an outstanding job. Dirty roofs called out in an insurance report or even your roof that youknowneeds cleaning, the hundreds of clean roofs we have left behind are shining examples of the power of chemical roof cleaning
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How well trained is your roof cleaner?

The only true way to kill moss and spores while delivering a clean product to our customers is by soft washing with chemicals. Using pressure removes Granules which is what makes your asphalt shingles reflect water, no matter how soft the pressure is. The loss of life in your roof would be around 5 years. Pressure washing is cheap for the contractor and harming to the customer, which is why we do not abide by these types of standards! Your roof shingle warranty even specifies that pressure washing voids your warranty.

Using ourspecial blendof chemicals we will leave your roof in such a pristine condition that even your neighbors will be jealous! You are also always backed by our 1 year warranty (with some exclusions) So don't fret, we've left hundreds of roofs cleaned to new like conditions

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